Meet Monah


Cupcakes By Monah was birthed in 2014, by self-taught baker & CEO Alyssa Monah.


This business evolved from her love and enthusiasm for celebrating special occasions. Monah generally baked recreationally for family, friends and for her beloved church as a hobby.


One day she was asked to bake cupcakes for a family friend's birthday. Monah took this opportunity to go above and beyond, making the order customized to the birthday persons liking, she then she decided to post a picture of the order on social media.Soon after the social media post, she received stellar reviews which generated more cupcake orders.


She had that special touch that people loved; thus was the beginning of her business.


"When she’s not mastering ways to wow patrons with her innovated treats, Monah continues to raise the bar and palates by researching how to make her delicious desserts more captivating than the last time leaving you smitten by them.

- Lauren Fox  

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