Royal Fever Fest



What is Royal Fever Fest ?

Royal Fever Fest is the Ultimate Cultural Experience. We create a platform for local

artist, black owned businesses and people of all ages to thrive.

Creativity and Culture are

the framework for our existence. We want everyone to embrace and celebrate the

beauty of our cultures. 

Our name "Royal Fever Fest" can be broken down to tell you exactly what we stand for.

 The word “Royal” shows that we are nothing less than Kings and Queens, and should

be treated as such. 

The word “Fever” expresses that we are Spicy! Our heritage:  African, African American,

Afro Caribbean and Afro Latino, has a tremendous amount of flavor. We are spicy from

the food we eat, to our music and dance culture. We bring the heat!!  

The word “Fest” short for festival, is the part where we come together for all the exciting

festivities. We are calling our families and friends to come together for a day filled with fun and entertainment.

Hope to see you at our next celebration.